How to get rid of my ex and her new boyfriend that I caught screwing in my bed?

So I came home from a nine month deployment in Afghanistan and opened my door to find my soon to be wife having sex in my bed with another man. I told her to pack her shit and get out. She said she was sorry. The guy got big and said,"Why you be butting in on us fool, don't you know I run shit around here?" I told them to both leave it took everything I had to not grab my pistol and shot him. My fiance, Allie, said that she was tired of me being gone for so long and I told her I came back early cause of an IED explosion that made me almost go def and was going to take her to dinner that night and make it about us. Well that's not gonna happen now. This happened two months ago. And her accomplice is threatening me saying he is going to shoot me everyday and finally I told him I will not hesitate to pull the trigger cause it would not be the first time. How do I get rid of these two forever?


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  • You go to the police and file a report. If you can, move and don't give out your information to anyone you don't trust 100%. If you don't want to move then get some good home protection and make the police aware of what's happening. Most importantly don't contact your ex.

    • I've got home protection. I'm not scared of the dude its just annoying you know.

    • Maybe not but if anything were to happen to you wouldn't it be just if the guilty paid for the crime ;)

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  • Just leave and never look back.


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