Is he over his ex girlfriend? please answer?

Yesterday I added my boyfriend on Facebook, saw one of his old post accidently, where he wrote a long para about his ex girlfriend calling her a slut and bitch etc. I know him very well, he is a person who never loses anger easily, but he was so pissed off on his ex. The post was of 2013, where he stated he cried nights to forget her but he can't. Now he is with me and seems very happy indeed :) But I just wanna ask is it possible he is over his ex for whom he went through a bad phase?


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  • I'm going to doubt you "accidentally" saw a post from 2013. It makes me think that maybe you are having some concerns about him right now?

    If the only thing there is - would be a post from 2013 then it's likely he was vulnerable then. No matter what she did; however, the words he used in such a public forum are not respectful.

    Is there something else you're worried about given you were looking through his time line?

    • I say that post accidently because it was shown at the left of my screen all his old posts of 2013 and 2014 etc, and that one stated with BITCH, so it caught my eye and I read that one. Well, I think he is happy with me but any possibility whether he is over her or not? 'cause countless nights crying for her is something a guy won't do unless and untill he loved the girl verryyy much. So i am just concerned about whether he is over her or not. That's it. Otherwise everything is perfect between us.

    • Sometimes people just take it really hard. You put forth effort and love someone while trying to build a future then it doesn't work out for whatever reason - it's natural for someone to need time to mourn what is lost.

      Wouldn't you be more concerned if he hadn't mourned at all? If anything it shows he's dealt with it and his feelings - worked through it and is ready for a new start.

      If he hasn't given you reason to doubt then trust him and build something new :) - we all have old heart breaks and the past is the past.

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  • Where you together in 2013 ? If he seems happy he probably is, some people just forget to delete stuff of Facebook.

    • no we re together since October 2014. :)

    • Well there is not much to worry about then you are probably just overthinking. My ex put me through hell and I have moved on with someone else and I am very happy. Even if you go through a bad patch you get over these people and forget all about them. So don't get yourself upset over something that isn't worth thinking about.

    • Thanks that was helpful.

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