I have nightmares about my ex... help?

My ex was verbally abuse with me, always putting me down and comparing me to other woman so it wasn't the healthiest relationship but I stayed in it only for him to break up with me in the most cruel way possible, without any heads up or signs beforehand.
Ever since the breakup I have really bad nightmares about him and it's making me feel really bad and sick. It's also making it a lot more difficult to move on. Any suggestions to help make them go away?


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  • Find someone who cares about you. The best way in my opinion to get rid of bad memories is to exchange them with good ones

    • I find it hard to trust people after him. How can I make new good memories when I'm terrified and haunted by my past?

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    • Yes it helped loads.

    • Good, then I'm happy it helped and I hope you find someone that will treat you fair next time.

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