The most confusing story ever... What does this mean? Help?

Okay, so me and my ex in a nutshell. We dated awhile back for a good while, nearly ayear. She left me for no reason. She came back once ihad a new gf, abd ileft my new girl to go back to her. Ileft her afew months after, in need of helping myself. Igot depressed with my job and felt iwasn't making her happy. I apologized mid summer cuz I love her and figure she deserves that much., and she told me she no longer loved me, and she loved her new bf who was a former ex. 3months later she hits me up and we start hanging out again while she still w other guy. She eventually told me she loved me and I was the closest person she'd ever had, but she wasn't ready to let go of her bf. We stop talking again. 3 More months later, she hits me up again, she adds me back on social media. A few days after we're communicating again, her and her bf break up over something bad (Idk details). Seeing this opportunity, i ask her out to watch the super bowl with me (3days after the break up). She said she didn't want to lead me on by doing that tho... What?

It looked to me like iwas a safety backup plan, and sadly iwas going to take it. It was my fault iI left her after all. Iwas ready to count My ducks and give it another go.

All advice/opinion are welcome. Whether or not I go after her is TBD. I'm disappointed abd hurt, but more than that, plain old confused. Knowing our past, why hmu and try to be friends? Isn't that in itself leading me on? what do y'all think? Or at least, what does this even mean? How did i go from top contender, to irrelevant in3 months?
  • it's too soon, She's hurt. Give her time, I've got a chance.
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  • Tell her how i feel. see what happens.
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  • She's cocoa pebble crazy. Fuh dae biii
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Okay, so.. no real progress here. She's snapped me maybe like, once, twice. Liked an Instagram pic, nothing noteworthy. We still don't talk. But her birthday is coming up, should i wish her a happy birthday? Ialways have, and we've known each other 3 years.. or does it say "desperate ex" under the circumstances?


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  • She might be hurt and I'm wrong but it seems to me she's playing games... if you allow it she will not stop. Give her space.. let her pursue you. If she does pursue you don't act overly excited.

    • Yehh. Iagree. Good advice.!

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    • Sweet is not a bad thing but just as much as guys want a chase girls do too! Its a confusing concept. If your sweet and sour you are the best of both worlds. You need to give and be compassionate but also be frustrating and confusing! Make sense?

    • Oh yes.!! Balance is the key to life.!! I whole heartedly agree.!!

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  • You're both cheaters, whether emotional or physical you both cheated on your partners. Neither one of you are relationship material. Be friends with benefits or nothing. Both of you should be ashamed of how disrespectful you are to your partners.

    • You should be ashamed of your user name.

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  • U make urself like her toy she take u anytime and leave u any time and even if she back anytime u will open ur arm anytime

    Let me tell u something this girl will never stay with u long bcoz u dont have strong word or u can't say no to her and u did mistake when u left ur gf for her and now she think u will leave her like a peace if cake as u did with ur ex

    I suggest u move on and leave everything in past start new page and have strong word


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