Should I get her back? And how?

we were together for almost 6 years but we broke up about a month ago we are both 20 years old, i know she is the one that i want to spend my whole life with, im desperate without her... And i want to get her back since the day we broke up but can't take it no more without her, we broke up because we both agreed that we dont get along lately and we are really different so we decided to break up for a while so that we both become like we used to be before, but during the time without her i realized my mistakes with her and figured out what she wants, now i want to contact her and be together like we used to be, should i do it now? Or wait more? What if she rejects me? Should i tell her right away that i want her back or?


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  • I think a month is enough time for both of you to have cleared your heads and think rationally about resuming the relationship. Ask her if she'd like to meet for a discussion over lunch or coffee. If you're too afraid to be that forthcoming, you can just call her and ask her about resuming the relationship then. Would you look at mine please? Thanks!


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