Will my boyfriend regret breaking up with me?

My boyfriend whom I dated for a year and one month broke up with me about a month and a half ago. The reason why he broke up with me is, because he wasn't feeling it anymore. He stopped loving me. when he broke up with me he told me that he was having on and off feelings towards me, but was unsure about them so he didn't tell me anything. I never cheated on him, never hid anything from him, and never hid anything from him. Whenever we see each other he just looks at me and then I'll be the fist one to look away. he told my friend that he is going to talk to me, but hasn't because it's "awk". Everyone is telling me that he is going to regret it. My friends also said that he's probably also hurt. I want to know what to do and if he's going to regret it? Please and thank you.


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  • The reason for the others telling that he'll regret it is more than likely because they think he didn't deserve you and all those things. But if he'll regret it or not, that is not something that I can tell you. He sounds like he made a big mistake letting you go, but maybe he just didn't like you anymore and then he'll not regret it. If it instead is that he just lost interest for a while he will more than likely regret it after a while. It's all up for the future to say.

    • All he does is look at me and then he'll look away

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  • You never know it's usually months/years later when a guy may regret it. Usually when he can not get another girl, or when he can't get laid, or when he realises he cared/loved you after all. Or when he gets dumped by a new conquest. Do you want to be 2nd choice or the girl he runs to when he can't get what he wants? When guys lose interest , it could mean him forming an interest elsewhere if so move on and be happy or let your heart heal. He left you he doesn't deserve the satisfaction of knowing your pining for him. Anyone who lets you go doesn't appreciate or value your worth.


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  • he might regret it if he doesn meet someone else. but that might not happen because he might not be emotionally ready so with that i guess he might meet girls but will still not be able to make something happened and then wonder why he left you so i guess they might be right.

    • All he does is look at me. I don't even know if he's hurt about this or not. My friends are telling me that he is.

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