I need to break up with him?

i need to break up with my boyfriend and i think this is how i'm gonna tell him. I'lll call him and say "Ok look. i don't need drama at any point of my life especially right now. frankly you have no respect for me + u obviously don't trust me to be me. so i'm gonna be straight with you. I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU. its not gonna work. thats the truth. I'm sorry if your hurt or whatever + if u want ill still b your friend but i can't date you anymore. " is that how i should break up with him? pointers anyone?
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I'm breaking up with him because he just doesn't understand me and we don't click. there's no spark whatsoever. he's nice + stuff but like i said no click. he's a little annoying too... i also feel like he's pushing me down instead of lifting me up...
i decided to break up with him by person in a store. he walked away + later texted me saying " ok i understand"


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  • I think its pretty obvious what you're trying to say here, so thats good, go for it :)
    Sounds like you're better off without him, so dont let him try to change your mind.


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  • Kinda rude to be honest. Just meet up with him and break up with him in person. If your talking about respect that is the respectful thing to do. I've been broken up with over the phone/text and it sucks. But the way you want to break up with him sounds kinda bitchy... Just meet up with him in person and be like "This isn't working out and I don't want to continue this relationship. We can still be friends if you'd like" Or something those along those lines. Put on some big girl shoes and do it the right way, it's better for both parties.

    Last, if he didn't do you any wrong and is simply just not compatible with you, show some empathy/ compassion for the situation he's going to be in when you tell him. I could understand being harsh and to the point if he had cheated/ been a terrible person to you but that doesn't seem to be the case. This is just a word to the wise, how would you feel if your BF who you were actually into just called you and said " were done, bye. Oh we can still be friends if you want..." Your choice, but do it in person and have a little compassion for the situation.

    • um i did in person! not over the phone we met at a store yes... he took it somewhat welll. walked away + later texted me telling me "ok i understand" so that is that...

    • Oh cool, glad you decided to do it in person.

    • ya he deserved better.

  • Wow. What happened?

    • he just doesn't understand me and we don't click. there's no spark whatsoever. he's nice + stuff but like i said no click. he's a little annoying too...

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    • If you want pointers from others on how to amend your message in any way, you'll have to explain the situation a bit more.

    • okay... thnxs

  • That was incredibly rude.

    • why do you think it was so rude? i was truthfull + speaking from my heart. things weren't working out so instead of leading him on i broke it off. whats so rude about that?

    • There are ways to speak to people. That's not it.

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  • That's terrible!
    You say he is nice and stuff but why are you breaking up with him in such a rude way?

    First of all, you don't do it on the phone. Are you a kid? You say, he doesn't respect you, but you clearly aren't too, if you want to break up with him ON THE PHONE. He surely deserved a respectable way- like talk to him in person! Wouldn't you be humiliated, if somebody ever broke up with you in that way?

    Second, you still want to be his friend, right? That's what you said. BUT explain how you thing this is going to work if you're this hurtful with you're words? "It's not gonna work..." NO. I think he deserved a good reason, and that would be you not liking him (anymore). If that's the truth, than say so.

    I'm sorry, if I'm being rude right now. I experienced stuff like this, me being in you're boyfriends position, and it hurt way more, that if my boyfriend (ex- boyfriend rn) had told me in person and we talked about it.

    Hope, I could help...


    • one i just met with him at a store yes a fuckin store. + the friend thing is a option. he has to choose for himself i dont' care wtf he does with his life. it's supposed 2 help lessen the fall.

  • Yes. It's honest and to the point

    • thank you thats what i thought I don't know its just a idea or somethin like that...

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    • Trust me, I use to do this and then those men use to not leave me alone
      Just be straight toward!
      Saves both parties time

    • i just did + his reaction was a little less than priceless. he just left turned away + left. thats all he did..

  • I wouldn't break up with him over the phone ID do it face to face that's how I did it whth my ex


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