How to act cool with an ex if you don't want him back at all?

Next weekend I'm attending a wedding of my and my ex boyfriend's mutual friend and I know I'll see him again at the ceremony. He broke up with me in a really rude way after 3-month-relationship and I didn't want to see him ever again so we haven't spoken since March last year. I don't want him back, but there's a great chance we will cross paths on this event and I'd like to act all cool and casual and not to be rude to him like he was to me. I'm afraid I'd be cynical because I tend to act this way with the people who hurt me, but I just need to act as if nothing happened and as if we weren't in a relationship at all. So how do I do this?


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  • You don't bring up your relationship at all. It's hard to hold back your anger, but push the thoughts back and act strong. Showing him that you don't care at all and that you've completely moved on, will show him that you are a strong woman who doesn't care about his harsh breakup with you. If you end up talking, keep it simple and kill him with kindness.

    • I guess I should be kind. I would never do that, but I should do it so he doesn't ruin my day. And my friend's day too :)

  • The wrong thing to do is go to the wedding with him in mind, which is what you're doing. If you're thinking about your ex, you aren't thinking about your friends wonderful day. If you are over your ex then you should be indifferent and not care about coming off cool or casual.

    • I haven't thought about this 2 months ago when I got the invitation, but now as the date is getting closer it occurred to me I will see him and I would really like to avoid that. It is a bit childish but when someone hurts me like he did I'm done with them forever. And I don't want to spoil her perfect day so I guess I should just set my mind on the wedding and not him.

    • Yep. Take the high road and don't be the girl always glancing at him or delibrately crossing the room to avoid him. The best thing you can do is to be secure enough with yourself to not let some douche affect how you act whatsoever, show him he is not that important in your life.

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