If your ex is showing off about his life. Is he actually that happy?

He seems to be doing well for himself and he can't stop telling the world! Or is this just a front to hide the fact he's terribly insecure and that nothing is really going on.


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  • Either he is insecure, but depending on the circumstances I would say that he could also just be really proud

    • He's lost his well paid job (something to do with his attitude towards women) and he's now a self appointed director of his own consultancy company using his home address as his office base.
      Think he's more the ultimate master of spin.
      He's really just unemployed but he's turned it into something less ego bashing.
      he is telling the world that everything is amazing. When it is anything but.
      Maybe someone actually buys it. Who knows?

    • Adding all that to it he seems just like an asshole and tries to boost his personality by boasting about things in order to just look better than he actually does.
      He is probably not the happiest person out their, but in a way it's his own fault.

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  • Nobody is happy. Nobody. Unless they have Jesus.


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  • It all depends on the guy. Some guys do that to make themselves feel better, and some do it because they are insecure

  • probably insecure, and trying to big note himself


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