Help me please... something was seen by my ex and I don't think it was a good idea. Any thoughts?

HER: I love everything about u so far. Thankyou for telling me the truth. I am seizing you if you give us both a shot..

Her: This is new and refreshing and scary but I
really want to get to know you and see what it is between us possibly.. I'm humble.. And honest. Strong and sensitive. We can figure this out.. Day for day.

HER: I love how your so respectful loving caring nurturing sexy subtle.. Domineering passionate charismatic..

HER: Ok and I'm willing wait it out to do that boo. I won't let you down!

So I blocked her from everything and posted this just basically to say how fast she was moving and I'm not really ready for that. Not to make her made or else I would have not blocked her. We are not together but... one of her friends said someone sent it to her. All she tells me is that she wants me to move on.. but I still feel guilty because I love her. And if her friend told me that... then they talked about it together. She said I I wanted a 1/2 chance of getting back I shouldn't have posted them. And I'm like first off I blocked her. Second why is someone screenshoting shit? Thirdly I don't feel I have a chance because she tells me to move on after I tried everything. any thoughts on how she might feel... or thinking...
HER friend went post something that didn't make since... so I texted her and asked what she meant... that's how we started talkinG about it.
"HER" is the girl I met..


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  • By using her friend sadly she's really not intrested

    • Will I don't know about that... because she went to post something on instagram but it didn't make since. So I texted her and ask what did she mean.

    • Pretty sure she talked to her about it but I dint think like she got her to tell me that.

    • Us females have sneaky ways of getting rid of guys we dont like

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