How to breakup when we don't have a future together? Please help?

So me and boyfriend don't have a future together for some reasons, how to say this to him to break up?


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  • How do you know you don't have a future together? Have you discusses your values and principles, your goals in life, and what you both want in the future? Or is this something you came up with on your own without consulting him?

    Communication is #1.


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  • Sit him down and have a face to face convo with a Stale Mate Who you feel you------Don't have a future with. Tell him that you think and feel that in this place and at this time, it's not the Best Time to be in a relationship and for now, you would like to break it off and find yourself...
    Many times as well Many couples don't just 'Break up' on a whim and a prayer, but instead, take a Break from one another to find out if there may be more in store with the possibility of the Missing the Kissing. You could also opt for this here, dear.
    Good luck and hoping you find your true happiness this year. xx


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  • Just be all "this relationship clearly isn't going anywhere, I think it's time we both see other people."

  • All guys that have dumped me said "you are a lovely person, I wish you well and take care"
    Just text him that!

    • And then stalk him for about a year afterwards.
      Mine all do that

    • Do not break up via a text; he will hate your cowardice.

    • It's the modern way @hrothgar

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