My ex is trying to be my friend?

he said he is trying to be my friend why is that we talk each other every day n we broke up 1 month ago but I realized I just can't i thought I could do it but I still love him and I can't see him as my friend he asked me for pics i don't know why


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  • He wants to see if you look better than you did when you split up it was hard for him to break up aswell and tbh how you can be friends with someone you love i dont know he may only want to be friends but he isn't giving you time to get over it and it is only going to hurt you more if he doesn't give you time to heal from the breakup dont let it happen tell him you need space for now

    • ill try to ignore him cuz ️i dont wanna be his friend

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  • If you still have feelings for him then don't try to be friends with him just act like he doesn't exist that's what I do with my ex. Its going to hurt you more and more if you try to be friends with him.

  • Do you still have some feelings about him?

    • yes im i feel sad cuz i still miss him

  • if you still have feelings, don't.


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