A deep ex crush's grandfather passed away but I have no contact with him now ( ego phase).. to message him or not?

Hi all..
there have been some conflicts going on between me and my deep crush (ex close guy friend).. probably he knows i liked him, or he flirted, he also liked me or may be not.. i have no clue but we stopped all the contacts and he wouldn't reply now. we both have a strong ego barrier.
i recently visited his dad's profile and got to know his grandfather passed away. i remember he used to say that he would obey to whatever his grandfather says to him and probably he was his fav. do you guys feel i should message him and send my condolences? PS i miss him a lot..


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  • it doesn't hurt to tell call him and wish him your condolences. plus that's an in for you to start a dialog with him.

    • thanks.. i messaged him :)

    • Excellent I hope it goes well :)

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