I fee sad tonight can anyone cheer me up?

just had a bad break up and I fee terrible inside and outside and were still friends we talk still but im just crying now and I can't stop I figured we weren't ment too be I guess?

help me please and ill chose the most helpful one

to me all your thoughts are helpful thanks.


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  • I know exactly how you're feeling... A couple of weeks ago I felt like 💩 because I was talking to what i believed was a great guy but he had big flaws. Even though i knew deep inside he cared I also knew he was never going to commit into something serious at least not now or in the upcoming years. So I had to let go at first he did tell me he cared and all but he was never going to change. He still had girls talking to him and not just "any" girls. These girls actually like him and i knew the y would flirt with him and he wouldn't just ignore them. Even though i know I really love him and him and i were just like one another and understood eachother well I knew I couldn't keep living a lie and I sure wasn't going to introduce him to my parents knowing this "relationship" had heart break written all over it. I cut him out of my llife and i've tried to move on and forget him but I can't because things are just not the same without talking to him anymore. At times i do drop a tear here and there but hopefully soon i'll just move on completely.

    • ikr I do too same here I can't fr get about him because I knew him the better than any girl he met ik how u feel thnks fr sharing that with me heart breaking story thnks :(

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    • I see what you mean but just like in my situation but the thing I realized and you should to is that if he has moved on already there's nothing you can do besides accept it. One sided feeling are just not right.

    • ik true and yes I cheared the momeries in my head I moved on but like u said one sided feelings is wrong indeed and he admitted he said that he wanted and wanted out so I planed it all but my friend that's dating him refused to commit with him and he pretty much droped her from his life but were all 3 still friends im happy we are and we are too no more friend gf bf bs bs it ruins everything just friends that's all I wanted.

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  • THroughout your lif eyou will run into multiple people who you will date... throughout your life you eventually won't even remember the guy you had... and obviously he took a great girl like you for granted... he is the one who lost out not you

  • Eventually. You will meet someone who steals his thunder, and you will never look back. and for those crazy, long and sleepless dark nights. where feelings of him creep up on you out of nowhere and sends your mind spinning. I recommend a long audiobook series. The dark tower is my favorite!

  • My thoughts are with you. I know how breakups feel. It really really sucks. But maintain zero contact with the person you are no longer with. I will promise it works.

    In the meantime go out with some friends! Take a nice hot bath. Just keep knowing how much of a terrific person you are.

    I know you can do it!!

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