Do people delete pic of their SO from a social media if they end up breaking up with them?

I'm not going through a break up or anything like that but I'm curious how some will handle this situation. Well you leave it or delete all of them and why?


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  • I haven't, I hardly ever check what I have posted so I don't really look at the old pics. It dosnt bother me at all, if I get a new gf then I will delete them out of respect for her.

    Hell maybe when my ex's old boyfriend she dumped me for looks up my name he will see me with her lol kissing and shit. No skin of my bone ha


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  • I'd delete any pictures I had with that person. And for the sole reason that it'll help to move on from them.

    • Good point with it helping you move on

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  • The girl I was with for 4 and half years at first I kept them but as time went on I just couldn't see her face because it still hurt me so I deleted them. It wasn't out of any hate/spite towards her more for myself than anything.

  • You should that's for sure

    • Any reason why?

    • I know some people who stay with their ex's pic

    • Well for starters it's just weird to have pics of you with the person you're no longer with. Also, it makes it tough to find someone new when you have pictures plastered of your ex all over social media

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