Is this breakup for good?

My ex and i met eachother 3 years ago on a holiday. Since that moment we clicked, but we live aboyt 3 hours away from eachother, and since we were in our senior year we decided to not build in into something serious. But last year we ran into eachother and we were unseperate. There is just something between us that neither of us jad felt before. We can be together a whole week and stilk not get bored eith eachother. We coukd talk all night about life and the sex was amazing. The attraction is definitely there, and when we were together people always say you guys were made for eachother. But he is done with school amd really wants to make a living of the sports he is doing. So he trains 6 days a week and has 2 jobs to pay for it. He also goes to the gym 4 times a week. We were together 7 months and yesterday he decided to end things and fully concentrate on his sports. He cried really hard and he's not a man that shows his emotions easy. He could do it and told me he doesn't want that "what if" when he doesn't succed. He said he hoped i find a boy who does have the time for me. I told him i was never going to find a relation like this and he said: i have never had with with a girl either and well you never know what happens, its not like i dissapair. He also told me that he has a tournament in summer in my town, so we would see eachother again. Is there a chance that he will come back? Or is the no time just an excuse? Someone please tell me your opinion.

I didn't only lost my love of my life, i lost my best friend too.


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  • It is a chance that he will come back


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