Guys, if an amazing girl appears while you're recovering from a breakup?

Say that you're going through a rough recovery process from a recent breakup, and this girl who seems pretty amazing appears, and she is interested in you. You're also interested in her, but you're not ready to date yet.

In this case, what do you hope that the girl will do? Do you want her to keep talking to you? Do you want her to disappear completely? Maybe disappear completely then reappear a couple of months later? What's the ideal scenario for you?


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  • No scenarios, I would just be normal with her. If she indicated an interest in me, I would express gratitude, but, say I would be unfair to both her, and I if i pursued a relationship with her now.

    • so you would just let the chance go completely? you wouldn't wish that the girl would wait around?

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    • Thanks! That's what I needed :)

  • I would hope she will wait for me but that's selfish and if she found someone else then I would have no hard feelings.

    • I understand of course! I'm the girl who really likes the guy (but in any objective sense he's way out of my league and I know that I can get him if he were emotionally available) and I'm wondering what I need to do to date him, say three months from now. Should I keep talking to him, or should I give him his space, or what? We've been talking everyday for about a month and a bit, but I'm wondering if I'm annoying him or interfering with his recovery process.

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    • Let him contact you.

    • Thanks, that's what I needed :)

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