I just left my boyfriend?

I'm really sad but at the same time really proud. He was abusive (physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual) and nothing was getting better. This would be my 7th attempt as well. Any encouraging words or motto's to help me sleep on to stay strong?


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  • ... Do you have a real exit plan?

    • I do. I am in a safe place and finally have some support. I saved up money as well, it's not much but at least i have some. I'm with family and i will have my own place very soon :)

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    • Then congratulations.

    • Thank you!

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  • You did the right thing, your a special person and I am sure, you did the right decision, there is another guy out there, that is just right for you, your not alone, I'm feeling very down these days also. Sleep tight your going to see a lot brighter days and you only deserve the best.

    • Thank you, you brought tears of joy to my face

    • I'm glad your feeling this way and I''m here for you, message me if you want anything

  • Suck it up. You'll have at least 5 more break ups in your life.


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  • First of all, well done. I know how hard it can be to break the cycle of going back to an abusive boyfriend, and you definitely did the right thing. You have every reason to be proud of yourself and being a bit sad after any break-up is entirely normal. You should look forward to the rest of your life now. You freed yourself from a horrible person and a horrible future and now you have the chance to rewrite your future. I've read your comments and it sounds like you have support from family and a place later on sorted out. You're in a really good place now and I wish you lots of luck.


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