Girlfriend Isn't Ready?

Hey all! So I have dated my girlfriend for nearly 3 months. We always text each other with smileys whenever we say Hey and what not and always before bed and before we have to go somewhere. On Saturday, she texted me "Hey." no smileys anywhere. None throughout the day, so I figured something was wrong. This was our "code" to telling each other something is wrong. First thing's first, I am her first boyfriend. Well that night I had texted her and asked her what was wrong, and she took 20 minutes to reply. Then, said I think we should talk, can I call you. Of course.. I was dying inside. I know it's only been nearly 3 months, but we've been talking almost for 2 years. Well, she called me and was crying on the phone. A LOT. And she apologized and couldn't stop crying. Then she told me she wasn't ready to be dating and wanted to be friends. I had told her I would wait for her no problem and I wanna be friends until she's ready and I thought it would be okay. Well I usually walk her to her fourth block class in school, and when I asked her if I could she said "I guess," like she didn't wanna talk to me. Basically, we didn't talk and she didn't really acknowledge I was there. I know she was sincere, at least I hope, about taking me back, but it's hard to take in. Why is she telling me she's not ready and wants to be friends, but won't even look me in the eyes. What do I do? Do I wait like everyone tells me too and let her come to me? This happened Saturday night and it is now Wednesday. I really want her back, but I don't know what to do. Please help! Any recommendations would be great!
Thank you!!


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  • The only thing you really can do is wait until she's ready to come to you. Just try to be patient.

    • But do I try to contact her at all?

    • You can text her but don't over text her. If she doesn't text back, don't text her again and give it a little more time before trying again.

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