How do I get her back if I ended it because she said she lost interest?

Well this is the breakdown,
I aske if she was into me anymore, and she said im a mess, I've lost interest in many things, don't take it personal. Then I said that's not good focus on your life, maybe we can try it again down the road.. I didn't intentionally break up, I was going through a friends death, how do I get her back?
Her grandma is dying..
Damn, so I failed?


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  • If u want her back I guess u can always explain u were going through something at the time, and what u said about her focusing on her life, you didn't mean without you in it... that might work. Good luck!

    • When would be the best time to apologize? This happened Wednesday of last week..

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    • I don't know, u tell me what u think she means

    • It was in reply to this.. I'm here for you, I know it's a hard time right now for you. I will stand by you the whole way. I know what your going through. If I may ask , whats wrong with your grandma?

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  • You don't. Move on.. If she comes back good! If not ohwell, and I promise if she doesn't you'll find someone better eventually.

    • Thanks!

    • Am I Friend zoned?
      Its okay. Nothing to apologize about. I hope you're doing well.
      Keep warm

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