How can I make her see whats in front of her?

So i got involved in a ministry, 2 1/2 years ago. I was heart broken and there she was, she encouraged me like no other girl had before. She made me forget about everything, anyways, she made the first move on me, because at that time i was playing hard to get. Which worked. But my motives with her were good. We had to separate from each other for a few months. We broke up, and i didint see or spoke to her. After those few months i never saw her, i would call her and she wouldn't answer. I waited patiently for a whole year, and i heard it through the grapevine that she was involved in another relationship. So i moved on. For 9 months i was doing fine, still thinking about her every once in a while... and she texted me out of nowhere. Soon after that she would text me if i could take her out, hang out, she didint know i knew she was with that fool. So we would text like that on and off, an i never took her out. I came back 3 months ago, my first week here they broke up. And she's been trying to be my "friend". I can admit i still really genuinely care and love her, but sometimes she pushes me away and ignores me, acting all stuck up... and sometimes she wants to wrestle and touch my face, locking eye contact, touching me in a way where it teases me to do the same. I stand above ground, and i have no motives. I want her to understand that im not perfect, but i want to love her like a man and not like a teen. Oh yeah her ex attends church in the same place every Sunday... this guy treats her like a piece of crap, and beats down the walls when he gets upset. While all that happens, i sit here and i try to be sensitive to her issues and i try to ask her out to dinner, but she says she has to "focus on the Lord" thats not the answer im looking for. I know there's people here with experiences, how can i make her understand that she has someone in her life that will truly value her? I haven't been talking to her becouse i dont want to bug her or make her feel im needy.
In the beginning i was playing the game, to get her attracted to me, and now i dont know if she's doing that to me


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  • You can't make her "realize" anything. People have their own realizations and they won't always be what you think threy should be. You can do anything to try to manipulate her into wanting more with you. Accept the relationship with her, whatever that is, the way it is or don't.


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  • Wow.. quite a story,. Maybe it's time for u to take her up on her offer of dinner, and hash out ur concerns then..

    • I asked her out for Valentine's weekend, and she said she would pray on it.. I dont like that answer

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    • I'm a firm believer that actions speak louder than words.. but not for nothing u sound awfully sincere now. That's fine what u said, I mean ur trying to let her know there's no pressure, .. but, on the other hand u want it to happen, so sense u know where she's coming from maybe a little pressure should be applied. So if not valentine day, when? Tell her u just want to go chill as friends u wanna get to know her and ur serious and u really want this to happen, if u sound serious and take a more direct approach I think she'll recognize that and start taking a different approach. If anything she'll be curious to know if things has changed..

    • Like for me in a middle of a joke a guy ask so when are we going out, I will hear it but, he'll get a generic answer, and I'll feel not so obligated to Keep the date kinda,... but if on a serious note a guy says listen I wanna take u out for dinner next Thursday or whenever, I'm more likely to give him a straight up answer and I'll feel obligation to keep that appointment. Just be kinda direct, I guess just to get the time with her to tell her what's good

  • Tell her she needs to stop blowing hot and cold. If she likes you then let's do this thing, let's be girlfriend and boyfriend. What are we waiting for?


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