He came back after two weeks, apologising?

Boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year, we had a fight two weeks ago because I said he was distant and putting no effort in. Anyway after that he dissapeared for awhile. He has just come back and said he is deeply sorry for the way he has hurt me and treated me in the past two weeks, he was confused about his future and where he wanted to go and nothing seemed like it would work out for him, the only good thing is the relationship but he felt like all he can do is bring me down, that the fact he doesn't know if he's ready for such a commited relationship is always on his mind because he doesn't know if he would be a good partner for me and that all the doubts are no fault of mine he wants to know where his future is heading and not knowing is scaring him. He then stated he doesn't want the relationship to end and it's not the relationship that's the problem it's his own struggle with life and being alone seemed to be the fix. Then he said he still loves me and wants to be with me and the last thing he wants to do is hurt me and now that he's said all that he wants to be able to move foward with me, put in time and grow the relationship. I'm not sure what to think or what to do?


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  • Give him another chance, are YOU sure about your future if not then believe your guts


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