Desprat for help, is there hope?

Hi me and my boyfriend has been together for 2 years, but for a year and a half ago we broke up for 4 months. Under this period I had sex one time with a boy. I told my boyfriend it today after 1 and a half year and he left my house, I called him and wrote him many messages and even ran after him but he blocked my number and my Facebook.
How can I get him back and is it hope for me?


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  • He doesn't like the fact that there was someone after him. Even if you broke up for four months. It's his pride that has been hurt. If there was or wasn't a girl I his part, it doesn't matter to him, he's upset that you were able to "do that to him". He basically wants you head over heels for him no matter what. He lied, possibly we don't really know for sure, that he had sex with other ladies. He doesn't trust you and is looking to hurt you. Love does not do that. He may come back after he has "really" if he hadn't already , he will come back after he's had sex with someone. That's if he's interested still and only having sex with someone else out of spite.

    • We was together 1 year after this 4 months and I told him today

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    • Thank you for helping, wish for the best now

    • You're welcome! Best of luck!

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  • No hope...

    • He told me when we got together that he done it with two girls and I forgave him and we moved on. But today he said it was a lie and said he only told me so to make me jealous

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    • What can I do please help

    • Yeatts is better suited to help you.

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  • You guys were broke up I fail to see why he has an issue. After you guys broke up neither of you had a responsible to the other.

    • We broke up a year ago and I told him today, we have been together for a year before I told him

    • also we broke up, but we came back together but I didn't told him today one year later

    • Well I don't know :/

  • Y'all weren't together for four months he can't get mad about it he shouldn't have lied to you about sleeping with other girls either tell him if he really loves you he will forgive you

    • I told him this after a year after our break up, and he had told me that he had been with two girls and I forgave him and moved on but when I told im today he said he had lied about those girls to make me jealous and he could never had sex with someone else because of his love to me

  • Just give him some space right now, you've done enough. But also, stop kicking yourself for that. You were broken up for a long time and it's not right for him to make you feel bad. Stop begging him to forgive something that he has no room to be mad about, especially if his hands aren't clean either. Two other girls? Yeah, I'd laugh in his face for even thinking he could give me shit.

    • He told me two other girls and cried today and said that it was bs and something he said to make me jealous. But I found a girl sent him nudes on his fb from the time we were broken up, so I don't know what to believe

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