What To Do When You Have Grown Apart But There Are Kids Involved?

What is one to do when the married couple has grown apart but there are kids (11 years old and 15 years old) involved and neither parent wants them to grow up in a divorced home... do you bite the bullet and stay together for the sake of the kids or do you divorce and hope the kids understand?


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  • Well, depends on the kids. Some take it better than others do.
    You'd have to consider how would they take it. If they hve noticed that you two weren't fine togheter already, i think its not going to be that shocking to them. But if it comes out of the blue, they will be annoyed.

    However, I think its good thinking on how your kids 'll take it, but I would not foce things. I mean, i would act if like my relation was good if its not.

    If you divorce, try to not move the kids much, cause thats one of the worst things parents can ever do, its confuses them and it's not good for them.


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  • No... you can't use kids as an excuse to keep a dead or dysfunctional relationship going... just fuels greater resentment...


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  • Stay together for the sake of the kids and then split when they are grown.
    Or work on your marriage that you vowed to cherish until you died. I don't know your situation, but try and work things out with your wife. Stop "growing apart" and get close to her again, fall in love again. Make her your wife again... Don't break your vows. Marriage is such a sacred thing and I'd hate for another person to defile it with an easy divorce.


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