If he wants to be done why does he keep texting me?

Okey I have this odd boyfriend here. We have been together for 2 years and ofter breaks up for like 1 hour max. Today I told him something that really hurted his feelings I have had sex once during our 4 months break up for 1 year ago and din't told him before today. First he blocked my number and Facebook, but now he removed the block from his phone and keeps replying me but he is rude but it seems like he want to talk, he wants me to be more desperat or something.

I don't understand if he wants to be done as he text me 24/7, because usually he don't reply when he is hurt
or he wants to fix up


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  • He still loves you. If you say you guys only stay broken up for 1 hour then he is probably over it.

    • he call my friend right now and tells much bullshit about me and is drunk, and he never drank before!

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