I can't get over this guy?

In March we would have officially have broken up a year ago and I don't understand why I'm still not over him? I've taken in to account that he's a twat but I can't shake him, and I don't know why. maybe because he was my first boyfriend? I have gone out with others guys after him but they're just nothing compared to him, every time he looks at me I still go bright red and I freeze.

In English I have to sit next to him (seating plan) and were watching Romeo and Juliet , I'm sure you know the story lol but they met at her party and it was 'love at first sight' later they started kissing and I glanced at my ex only to find him staring at me and I couldn't do anything but pretend to move the hair away from my face as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I don't understand why? I've always had a hard time getting over people but it NEVER takes this long, explain?


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  • Did he breakup with you? If so that could be a factor. Additionally and this is the main thing going on here he was just your first guy that you really had feelings for, all of my friends have this girl that they always kind of have feelings for I know my last girlfriend we broke up like 6 months ago and I still think about her decently often and like you I've had a lot of things with girls since that time but I still think about her a lot. I couldn't say what to do but he may still have feelings for you so if you want to give him another shot go for it he seems like he still likes you :)

    • Yes he did break up with me :( He accused me of cheating.. :L (I didn't whoa..) I tried to explain to him that this other guy was lying but he didn't have it and was an ass. Ever since he won't talk to me, touch me or anything, only the occasional smile I catch off him, and lots of staring. I'm afraid to ask him out because he's one of those guys who he will do anything to act cool in front of his friends, before we went out and he liked and I liked him, my friend tried to ask him out for me and I ended up gtting the middle finger, so. Is there anyway I can try and get him to ask me out, If he's interested?

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    • Yeah I see what you're saying, thank you :)

    • No problem glad I could help and I went through the exact same thing around your age I was 13 and I had my first girlfriend (I don't actually count it because it was grade 7) And when we broke up I was so sad but looking back it was the most stupid thing ever lol. When you get into grade 9 you'll have a boyfriend for a couple weeks that you learn how to make out with and stuff like that and then on your way into grade 11 you'll start getting serious with boys :)

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