Is my ex bf trying to play with my emotions?

Been a month since the breakup, it has been sad but i have been doing well! But since last week he has been sending me messages on fb saying he's sorry for how it ended and asked how I've been. I only replied short saying "ohh its fine!" Then he replied "yea but it wasn't was it?" I didn't reply to this as i didn't want to talk about the breakup. He did message me again last night if im seeing anyone, I replied "why do you wanna know?" And all he said was "I was just asking :)" Then he sent me a snap chat asking "so how are you?" And i sent one back saying "im pretty good thanks" then he replied saying "Looking hot" then he sent another one "so do you miss the sex? cos i do ;)" I didn't reply to them cos i think its really unfair for him to be saying that to me. Does he miss me or is he just teasing me?


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