2 months on after he broke up with me - still so confused and missing him, help?

Okay, so me and my ex were together for 1 year and 2 months, but were off and on for 7 months before that. We were eachothers first love's. For the first 7 months it was him chasing me, I was never really sure though i missed him so much whenever we ended things.

When we finally got together for good in September 2013 things were amazing, we were both so in love for so long. We talked most days, were so happy together, he was my best friend and just the funniest and most easy going guy, he was so sweet to me. But sort of from October 2014 things were a bit dodgy, he didn't act as though he cared about me anymore, we were arguing, it was just so hard seeing that love fade when he had been so in love with me. He broke up with me pretty suddenly in December.

After a few weeks we messaged a few times and at Christmas he said he really wanted to see me. At NYE we got together when we were drunk and spent the night in his car talking and kissing. A few weeks later we got together again, he initiated it totally... then the next day he said it was just a sex thing and that he didn't want anything more with me, and it pretty much broke my heart, I was so incredibly angry at him for being so misleading - i didn't expect to get back together but for him to use me like that?

A week or so after he messaged twice. and really wanted to be on good terms and as friends, i accepted this. The next weekend we go out in town as a group and he's there, later when i'm drunk i send him some drunken messages but apologise in the morning. Then my friend told me he'd bitched about me all morning, laughed at me, mocked my messages, and got angry at ME for apparently 'cockblocking' him and another girl (my friend, no less). I've unfriended him and have had no apology.

I'm still so angry but miss him so much. He doesn't seem to give a shit. Does he still care? I still want this guy in my life but what am I supposed to do? And how do I move on from being so happy with him?


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  • One thing is certain, you must move on. It was good in the beginning but it's clear that things are totally different now. He's acted like a jerk doing those things to you and actually you deserve someone better. If he did what he did I'm afraid to say that he doesn't care at all. I understand how it's hard, you did love him so your feelings won't really disappear suddenly. The best thing to do is giving it time and time will take care of it. Unfortunately there's no other way.


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