I've had a number of relationships but what I've noticed is that it's harder to move on from a narcissist. Why is this?

All the normal guys I never thought about again. Never stalked them online or anything. Yet the narcs get right under my skin... I can't stop looking up their stuff.
Isn't this weird?


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  • I recently was involved with a narcissist, it ended a few months ago. I can agree with you 100%! Narcissist have a way of manipulating you, they go from making you feel loved and adored at first to then completely discarding you.. and they can do this with no remorse. It took me awhile to realize what kind of person I was dealing with but once I realized he was a narcissist it all became clear. What you're feeling is normal after being in a relationship with a narcissist. It will take some time but the most important thing I can suggest is NO CONTACT! Don't call, text, peek at his social networks, etc. because it will just hurt you. Good luck

    • That is perfect. They do that to you. They make you think that you're perfect and that they are on your side. Then they show who they really are. They take you down little by little. You're already under their spell so you don't even know it.

    • Yes, exactly. After me and my ex broke up a few months later he was bashing me online to everyone saying horrible things about me on his Facebook posts. I couldn't believe it. I never did anything to him like cheat, etc.. he actually was the one that did a lot of disrespectful things. That's when I realized he was bashing me cause his narccistic personality wanted to make sure he still looked like the "sweet" and "great guy" on Facebook, he wanted to make sure everyone still "loved" him and that I looked like the bad one.

    • I felt the same way you did after the breakup, they really can get to you emotionally and mentally. No contact is the only way to go with a narcissist. I haven't peeked at his online accounts, I've pretty much completely removed him from my life. He was really revengeful and cruel after the breakup.. people believed what he said about me and that hurt, but I'm just glad he's out of my life. Good luck and stay strong

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  • Because he got in your head. I dated one. The best thing to do is to stop and move on.

  • Because we girls always get attracted to the narcissistic/arrogant/ assholes kind of guys


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