Does my ex still miss me?

Me and my ex broke up about a week ago. We're both 13, and he has a hard time expressing his feelings. He told me that he lost interest so we called it off. Recently, I've moved on and been much happier lately. For some reason my ex keeps looking at me constantly, 24/7 but finds it too awkward to talk to me (he said that). Once a classmate teased my best guy friend for liking me, and I noticed my ex's facial expression was depressed at first, to laughing a bit, then back to depressed. I noticed him looking a lot depressed lately... but according to his best friend "He doesn't care about me" and has "moved on, like he doesn't know me." which is weird since we both decided on staying friends... The main question here is why he is always acting so depressed since the break up, and staring at me SO DAMN MUCH. I've also noticed he might also have a thing for my friend since they argue all the time and hang out sometimes...
  • He still has feelings for me and regrets breaking up.
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  • He still has feelings for me but is confused with his own feelings.
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  • He still has feelings for me but also likes my friend.
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  • Doesn't have feelings for me.
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  • Doesn't have feelings for me, and is just stressed out by pressure.
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Sometimes he's ignoring me and acting like he doesn't care, but then sometimes he's acting all depressed and just staring at me and glimpsing at me so much..
Ignore the *bout a week a go reference.


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