Should I block ex mother in law online? I noticed her profile on site I use?

I noticed she has a profile on a social media site I use and surprised to see she had one , stubbled on her profile by accident when looking at followers of a local page on Twitter. I didn't know she was on that site as she seems a bit old for it.
even though she's never tried to contact me she seems like noisy type or creeper online and could see her being type to look at my page . she seems to have an issue with me since things didn't work out between me and her daughter I was friends with and dated for while. she also lives in same town as me and not that far away either.

anyways I feel like I should just block her online and save myself the worry and trouble? what are your thoughs?
  • yeah just block her to save the trouble
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  • no point in doing this
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  • unsure please explain
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  • Personally, I'd wait for contact.. but perhaps I'm too accomodating. Do whatever makes you comfortable; she doesn't /need/ to see your profile, after all! I'm gonna give you A, since it seems to be what u wanna do? :)

    • I'm not anticipating contact from her , more type to check out my profile to see what I'm up to or if I'm with another girl or such , she just seems like that type to do such , and why is she on Twitter to begin with?

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