Should I contact him?

I want to get over him and never date him again. But I love him and care about him, but I'm so angry that I just want to hurt him emotionally, although that'll take way too much of my energy. I know if I ever got back with him I'll be cold and detached, but I don't want to let him go without him hearing how hurt I was and am. What should I do?
He cheated on me and I told him never to contact me.


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  • You want revenge? Ok then never speak to him again and move on he will flip out


What Girls Said 1

  • The best revenge is to let him see you happy. I have always took break ups very hard. Same as you do. And I always end up calling. The "No Contact" is really rough. Once I had a friend come and say the quote, " The Best Revenge is to let him see you happy" It still isn't easy but it helps somewhat. Good Luck


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