Getting over Ex with an EX?

I recently just got "dumped" even though he told me it wasn't that way. Anyhow, being depressed I starting talking to an old friend from FB. Is it wrong for me just to use him to get over someone? Talking to him is helping me out. The last few days he has been beginning to bring sex into the phone calls. He lives in a different state but he just began talking about coming home to visit his family. Thoughts?


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  • Oh gosh, thats just gonna hurt you even more. But then again, if you're really 45 then what do you have to lose?


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  • Your war wounds are still fresh, Tow1118, and with this, as you are licking, you are Now Looking as well, I can tell, finding an out to help heal this raw deal you were just handed when you "Just got dumped."
    Many people find a Rebound after the fact to help ease the pain and even if it ends up Not to be any gain, it still puts this band aid on the boo-boo to keep from 'Being depressed" and to even help to move on... at the moment anyway.
    You found comfort with an 'Old friend,' which seems to be 'Helping me out.' However, don't wear your heart so quick on your sleeve. Give yourself time to do some soul searching of the relationship you just came out of, before you go 'Bring' Not only 'Sex into the phone calls' but end up making your heart a target as well.
    Go lite and semi sweet for now. If he happens to come home for some home time, meet up but go slow with the flow with Joe.
    Good luck and blessings for a better year. xx


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