Girls, as I don't understand you, could you help me with my situation?

My ex and i broke up 3 weeks ago, its a mutual break up by her request. We didn't have any fights this couple of months and i didn't expect it. Wr had a relationship for 10 months and those were happy. I live in the U. K. and we both live in London

The thing is that, she asked for the break up because her life is a mess right now ( bad grades, famillie telling her not to talk to me in fear of her father), so i gave her what she asked and she said for now, and closed it off with i love you. And started NC

Now 4 days ago when i saw that she deleted me on Facebook. I asked her why. She told me she heard a rumor about me and decided to delete me on fb. I asked her what they told her and she wouldn't tell me, that she doesn't care. I asked her 3 times what it was but she just ignored my last question.

I haven't done anything that could possibly piss her off. Friends even told me that she wants to talk to me and lied about the rumor, but she didn't even initiated to talk to me.

Im so confused and hurt.. I can't help but cry everytime this comes to mind. Can any one here explain the actions she made? Thanks in advance
She actually blocked me from instagram aswell but that was the day after break up, i got deleted on Facebook 2 weeks later


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  • It sounds confusing. If she heard about a serious rumour then I get it why she deleted you all though it's a little immature to delete someone instead of talking but sometimes we do impulsive things out of anger. Since she does not want to talk about it, maybe she needs time? If you know anyone who knows about this rumour ask them. She could just be a mess and not sure what to do with her life right now. I hate to say this as well but sounds like hearing a rumour could just be an excuse but since you were together for ten months I don't see why she would cut you off like that.

    • That's what i was thinking... She blocked me on instagram after breakup. I don't know iff that makes it more clear

    • Weird. Sounds like she is angry unless she's trying to move on.

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  • Avoidance is only served Cold.


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