About my ex boyfriend's behavior? Please comment thanks!

i dated a guy for approximately 2 months, all the way he was so sweet, so caring and really mature but do have a problem with decision making. but after January, suddenly he's cold and he break up with me shortly after.

I tried to talk to him about the break up (no begging) but he just gave me vague answer like i dont want to hurt you etc.
After two weeks of no contact, i tried to contact him and the day after he contacts me again, the week after, i deleted him off whatsapp and he contacts me 6 hours later, acting like nothing happened and talk to me like he used to.

I have trouble moving on as long as i have his Facebook, so i deleted him off Facebook without saying anything to him. But he doesn't try to talk to me at all until now, do he still even care?

Is it a lost case? Should i try to talk to him once again? i feel so sad thinking that he's now cold and indifferent, we were so happy when we still had the relationship :(
i am still hovering between moving on or winning him back.. what should i do?


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  • "Is it a lost case? "



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  • Maybe he's just being nice just talking to you, I wouldn't look into it to much. If you are having trouble getting over him and moving on I would suggest blocking his Facebook page that's what I did. It helped me a lot and it helped me move on. You can try to talk to him face to face and see where that takes you, but don't get your hopes up so quickly. Maybe he's just trying to distance his self from you, maybe who knows. My ex isn't cold towards me at all. He could've lost feelings for you and just fell out of love with you. His reason for breaking up with you sounds like an excuse. He probably isn't ready for a relationship, that or he just doesn't what he wants. And I have gone longer with the no contact rule perhaps 11 months. If you want to win him back, I would probably try avoiding him and distancing yourself from him. And once you do that, who knows he may come back. I did that once it worked, but it ended and not in a good way.


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