My ex's friends want me to make up with my ex and be friends with him. Is that a bad idea?

My ex goes to the same college as me. When we dated I became really close with his friends. I'm like abother one of the Bros with them. Joe broke up with me 2 weeks ago bc he said we fight too much. He played me bc he was basically talking to his ex the whole time we dated and has done some pretty fucked up stuff to me. Since we broke up his friends still text me to hang out with them. Joe is visiting another school this weekend so his friends texted me to come drink with them last night. They kept telling me I need to be friwnds with Joe bc they miss hanging out with me and drinking with me. Joe fucked me over so bad that I really don't want to be friends with him like I despise him right now. His friends kept saying Joe's a nice guy and didn't need to hurt me and isn't trying to be a dick. They texted him from my phone saying I'm sorry for everything I said and did and that I want to be friends bc his friends love me and I like hanging out with all of them. He didn't text me back. I'm sure his friends will talk to him once he gets back on campus, but I don't know if I want to be friends with him or not. What do I do? I know if I continue hating him I won't be able to stay close friends with his friends, but I don't know if I can be just friends with him or forgive him.


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  • You can be their friend without being his

    • They want me to hang out with them and him like we used to tho and I can't do that if I'm only their friend and not his

    • Yea hang out and stuff, just do your thing without involving him. Be civil, say hello or whatever, just don't be all buddy buddy with him. He doesn't deserve that, he's a cheat. His friends will obviously think it's not as bad as it is, because they're his friends. If you'd done it to him, they wouldn't see it the same way... so yea, be civil, but not friendly. It's just like normal hanging out in a group with one or two people who they don't talk to as much in that group.

    • Yeah that's probably what I'll do, thanks!

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