When should I dump him?

Things aren't working with him. They really aren't.
Either way, we're not going to last. He's insecure, he's got too many instabilities and excuses. I'm bipolar and I have to put up with enough of my own instabilities and baggage. Candid as that.
I need to end it. I think I have a good grip on how to end it. I'll say, "I told you I had baggage before we started out, and that's showing right now. You've got your own demons to fight, you don't need mine." Like, steer it toward "it's "not" you, it's me, just for sake of getting it across.

Just when should I end it? I'm in no rush until my best friend/brother figure gets back from Spain in June. He thinks I should end it before Valentine's Day. Since he was talking about getting me all this stuff, it would save him money anyway, if you want to look at it like that. Then again, Valentine's would suck for him (& possibly me too) if I dump him before that day.

What do you guys think?


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  • Don't be selfish with the "Valentine's would suck for me too" bit. That's just... eye-roll worthy.

    However, I think you SHOULD break up with him before Valentine's day. Sooner rather than later. As in, the next couple days vs the end of the week when OOPS Valentine's day is tomorrow! Golly sorry about that, here I've given you your bleeding heart on a stick.

    • It'd suck as in, the guilt of leaving him by himself on V-day, is what I mean. Sorry, I should've articulated that.

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day