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Ok so me and my exboyfriend of five years have about a yr that he broke up with me. Which was on march of 2014 ... Throughout that whole yr it was just an on and off trying to work on things but eventualy it didn't work cause i found of he did a few things. Until October came that started a big drama between us both and now we def dont talk at alll since he changed all his contact information and number. So we both had our Facebook deactivated until this yr of January i saw he activated his accnt again but he wasn't using it so i activated my accnt as well and when he saw i was back on Facebook he had blocked me and now recently a few days ago something told me to search him up and i saw he unblocked me... what does this mean? I blocked him cause i dnt want contact with him. I dont understand why block me and now unblock me?


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  • He blocked you for some reason (I think he's the only one able to say for sure the reason), but probably he regretted later and thought that blocking you wasn't a good idea. So he unblocked you.


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