To blow on her ass? Or not to blow on her ass? Tis' the question?

So... I left my ex awhile back. After she had left me the previous year. I was in a bad way, didn't think i was making her happy, so itold her iloved her deeply, but couldn't be with her at the time. She says she still didn't know why she ever left me in the first place. She got back with another ex, and ibecame 2nd place. Iapologized afew months after the breakup out of goodwill, (I'll be honest do want her back. ) and She said she didn't love me, blah, blah. 3 months later, she hits me up, we start hanging out for another month or two while she's still with ol dude. We get to the point where she dumps him, entertains the idea of us again, tells me ilove get more than her bf, I'm her best friend, blah blah... then 180° she's back with him. 3 more months and here we are again. She hits me up, were talking. they break up 3days after,3 more days and i ask her to watch the superbowl w me. She agrees... Then before ican go get her, she tells me she doesn't wanna lead me on with dinner. Boom, no more texts, snaps, nothing. Now, Given our past, contacting me IS leading me on... Riighhhtt? She knows what she's doing.

So I'm obviously 2nd place, and that's bullshit. I talk to other girls and whatever, but she's always on my mind. Bad situation, ineed to get out of. But, here's my question. Before I go, should I at least tell her how ifeel and call her out? We were the best of lovers and friends with a wonderful relationship once upon a time.
Still haven't talked to her, but as far as iknow she's not back with other guy. Ican't get a clear word on what iwant to say. Or rather, how to say it to get my point across. Erggbbllgaahh..


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  • Tell her how you feel.
    You should dump her afterwards she isn't good for your mental health.
    Find another girl and don't think about this one ever again.

  • What does this have to do with cumming on her butt?


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