Please! I need help. I cheated on a girl that really cares about me and I don't want to lose the other girl, what is wrong with me? What should I do?

So I'm a senior in high school and have always wanted to go to prom. So I started talking to this girl at the beginning of the school year and it took me all the way to January 30th to finally ask her to be my girlfriend and she really likes me. I was also planning on setting up a big thing where I dedicate a song for her at the talent show and call her up on stage and ask her to prom in front of the whole audience. That is on February 26th. A couple of weeks before I asked her out, this random girl started talking to me and flirting with me but I wasn't that interested because I was talking to the girl from my school. Next thing I know, that random girl comes over my house and we start talking. Then we start making out on my bed but we didn't have sex or anything, and she's planning on coming again. Now I feel bad because I finally have the girl I want to take to prom and I cheated on her. The other girl thinks I'm single and I just don't know what to do. Please help me?


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  • Congratulations you are an idiot and an asshole! Guess what there is nothing you can do because you fucked up! You have to tell your gf because she will find out one way or another and she will want to know why you didn't tell the other female you had a girlfriend and why the hell you let her in your house when she had been flirting with you!

    Oh by the way you deserve whatever you get because you can tell a girl no! Fucking genius!

    • Thanks for the advice..

    • Alternatively you could be a complete asshole and:
      a) not tell your gf and deny if the other female says anything and cut off contact with the other female.
      b) not tell your gf and continue cheating.
      c) Tell your gf the truth and after you guys break up get with the other female.

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  • Just be honest bro, tell the girl you kissed that you have a commitment and apologize to her then tell the prom girl "look we need to talk" take her to a private location and tell her how you feel about her then tell "but there's something I have to say" and tell her how much you regret it and that you care for her and then come out with the truth, she won't take it easy but at least you have respect and dignity and if she forgives you well maybe everything will work out, chick's dig honesty!

    • I get you bro, but like, why do I have this feeling like I still want that girl to come back?

    • @asker if you want to fuck the chick you cheated on with you might as well because your gf is going to break up with you.

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  • Well you could lie, but youwould be surprised how far honesty will get you. Your 17 your a slave to your hormones and your not an asshole your just a horny kid. you want the other girl because of that very reason, do what féels right just get off the path of douchiness its a hard habit to break.

  • Oh honey, u r too cute and young. R u open to telling them both u want to date them but not be committed and see other people?

  • You don't deserve that girl as a prom date. She deserves better.

    Be homest with her, and tell you cheated on her. Don't leave out the fact that you still want to make out with that other girl. That way your girlfriend knows everything and can make a fair decision whether she wants to be with you ir not. Hopefully she doesn't


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  • Tell the one you want to be with the truth. I have been cheated on before and the thing I wish she did different was tell me earlier. I felt a lot more hurt because of the amount of time it had been and because I had dated this girl for a year and a half and felt I deserved to know. Either way decide who now an let the other know.


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