My ex boyfriend friend zoned me?

We broke up 3.5 weeks ago... and are still deeply in love with each other. We had a mutual breakup for a stupid reason now that I realize it. We agreed to be friends but then the next day I didn't see that happening. So I texted him. Then a week with NC we talked in person. He wants to be friends because he has hope we'll be together in college (We're seniors btw) and now I'm just upset. We don't even know what college we're going to yet. Then he plays the asshole card if getting cover him abd finding someone better than him? Which pisses me off. Then I wrote him a fat text of how I felt. He ignored. Then another two weeks with NC he asks my little sister about me and how I'm doing. Then brings up past events to her. and reassure her that I should get over him. And that same day he texts me saying 'Hi, and how are you doing kiddo?' And said he wanted to 'check up on me' He buddy buddie me. And I went for a simple convo for a bit. Then told him I'm not comfortable being friends with him. I want to do this for my sanity and what not. He told me still loves and cares for me deeply... I don't wanna be friends because I want more.


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  • Yeah you need to cut contact with him. It's only going to get more and more confusing and painful because I've been exactly where you are and I know what happens. I'm really sorry. :(


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  • Don't let him friend zone you, cut him off completely. Sounds like to me he just wants to string you along, don't let him. The more you probably try to be friends with him the more it will probably get confusing. So I would just cut him off completely, if you have his number delete it and block it. If you have him on any social network, block him off of it. I tried being friends with my ex and I just was like this isn't going to work so I just cut him out of my life completely. Its only going to get worse if you try to stay friends with him. Plus it doesn't even solve anything, so why bother in the first place?

    • I blocked his number and we're not friends on social media. I don't want to lose him. We both don't. He was a good boyfriend it's just we broke up due to stress. And I want to give it another shot.

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    • I do. But in order for it to happen it has to be mutual. I don't know what to do rn.

    • I would just let him be and not talk to him unless he talks to you.

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