How to get over someone?

Or more accurately, how have *you* successfully managed to get over someone? If you have some 'dos' and 'don'ts' from past experiences, they would be very helpful :)

Some extra info: I will probably be seeing the person I'm trying to get over almost every week for the next year, so avoiding him and creating distance might not be possible.


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  • Speaking of, I just came out of a long distance 1 year relationship not too long ago (May 2014). It was so hard to get over this girl. I felt regret leaving her, I kept trying to get back with her. I guess I just respected her space after so many months. To be honest, I still have little thoughts about her from time to time. But it's normal to try and get rid of thoughts of someone you really care about.

    The things I did to get over her was to:

    1. Look for another partner.
    2. Find someone that is not similar to your past loved one.
    3. Delete that person from Instagram, Facebook or any other social media.
    You should be just fine if you do those 3 things, sure you still might think of the person, a lot. But that's normal, trust me. If he or she really cares about you, that person will come back. If they choose not to, just know there is always someone better out there for you.


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  • I distance myself from my ex. I didn't really distract myself I just tried to focus on my studies and acted like he didn't exist. Cut off all contact with him and never spoke to him again. Everything he gave me I ripped it up and I burned it, it helped a lot too. Deleted his number and blocked him off of every social network. I didn't really look for another partner because I'm only in high school and I'm trying to focus on my studies. I wouldn't try to get a new partner so quickly. I would just focus on yourself and find hobbies that make you happy do whatever excites you and distracts you. Time is your best answer for getting over the person. It took me about 5-8 months to get over my ex, I thought I could never do it but I did. No contact or anything just silence. Its normal to think of them from time to time again but try not to think about them so much. If you ever run into them or bump into them just be cool. Because I know I do when I'm going to class, if he says hi I'll say hi but that's it. Ripping up everything they gave you and burning it or even selling it really helps. Just look right through them like you don't even see them. It worked for me, my mom gave me the advice to just act like they don't exist and it worked like a charm. I felt broken to pieces but as the months went by it got really easy for me. You are going to have to do sometime, keep your distance, act like you don't see him, something.


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  • i let time to the most work
    keep myself occupied
    keep a distance (i know for your case you mentioned it is hard to but do try ur best)
    cut off contact


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