He doesn't want me back no matter what?

Well me and my ex right now, we have been together for a year and done so much stuff together and said all these things about our future and stuff. I'm really jealous and right after our 1 year anniversary he broke up with me and said cause of my jealousy but I never knew how jealous I was and no body told me.

But now all I'm doing is crying at night and begging him to come back like saying all these things that I can change about me and telling him and asking him if we could start new. But now that we are friends whenever he comes over he acts like he misses me but over the phone he's really mean to me and acts like he doesn't miss me. So my question is how can I get him back and prove to him I can change and not be jealous any more so he can believe me?
He doesn't want me back no matter what?
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