How much space does he want?

When he asks for space to focus on work and himself, how much should I give him? I told him I would text him yesterday and never did. He didn't check up on me. He said it was a temporary need and he didn't want to see other people. It has been a week now since he has asked for it.
We were together for 4 years prior to this.


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  • He's losing interest.


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  • How much space do you think he needs. Just give him a bit of space. I'm sure he has a lot going on right now. Don't just be on top of him so much because it'll scare him off (I've been there before). If he didn't check up on you, don't panic I'm sure he was doing something. You can check on him every now and then, but not to much. Give him some time I'm sure he's fine. People like to have space in a relationship, they don't like to be on top of all the time. Just give him his space and I'm sure he will get back to you as soon as possible.


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