Can you guys read through this and help me please I seriously have no idea what to do or how to react to it. I really need help?

i'm in high school and My ex-boyfriend (who is in the same year as me and in a lot of my classes) dumped me on a Friday via a post it note that said '' I don't want to be in a relationship anymore but I will still always have feelings for you''. on the Monday I went in all of his friend thought we were still dating, I had to explain to them what happened then hid in the toilet hiding from my ex and my best friends. for a good while after I didn't speak to my ex and avoided him at any cost. About 2months later he comes to my house at night saying he needed to talk to me urgently I went outside and he started kissing me and we began to do things I later went on to regret. the next day I went into school I found out he told all hi friends what we had done, I again went onto avoiding him. about December he started to get really close with my best friend, he told her that he could set her up with the boy she's in love with. he was now around us both constantly and I felt really weird. he started acting really caring towards me, whenever I was tired or looked sad he would ask what was wrong with me. but when some of his friends took my phone and went through my messages they found out all the things i'd told my best friend, such as the boy I like. since that he started acting a little spiteful in the things he'd say like, 'someones moody didn't... f#ck you good' 'leave her she's going to...' after that I completely stop contact with him and now he is constantly touching and conversing with my best friend, touching her in sexual ways. Now if i'm with her and he comes over I either walk away or try to act like I can't see anything or care. But i think that i'm starting to catch feelings for him again. What do I do?


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  • He seems to be a superficial asshole, stay away from him.


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  • You need to totally step away from this possessive, spiteful and nasty guy. He doesn't care for you it sounds like he thinks he can have sex with you or similar. He sounds like a jerk.


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