Good god I need help, from anybody? I'm having suicidal thoughts because of herr?

My ex gf dumped me a month ago because she had to much going in her life. She said she loved me but it was to soon for a relationship. I could live with that and went NC. now 4 weeks later i contacted her again because some friends send me some sexual pictures from her IG account with boys commenting that could be us.

I contacted her to ask iff she had another boyfriend? In which she replied no. And why do you care? We broke up. I said by your request. Which she replied with not this again and leave me alone, she blocked me off of everything, even whatsapp and now im just so hurt that i'm getting suicidal thoughts.

I send her 1 last message from giving her another shot with no reply and all my faith is in that message. My heart, gead body, everywhere hurts so much and i can't stop crying at the way she's hurting me, people say that she is becomming trashy and i kept denying it.

We had 9 months and i had plans with this woman... Please help me at least understand her so i can rest and but my mibd to ease
Please... I know i shouldn't kill myself for this girl... But the pain... Its becoming so unbearable


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  • You need to switch your focus to something or someone else. Do it now before you sink any deeper. It's just a matter of accepting that it's going to hurt for a while, but that you will move on.

    • But i can't understand as to why she could hate me for a vreak up she requested? Im so hurt by this...
      It loojs as if she blames everything on me.

      And thank you... I was starting to thibk that noone cared and might actually act on my thoughts...

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    • I guess you're right. A friend of mine just drove 60 km just to cheer me up... I feel somewhat better, partly thabks to you

      Thank you... I mean it... I will make a prayer on your soul to keep jou safe. Because you might have saved my life... So from the bottom of my heart... I thabk you

    • Aawww, thank you... although I really didn't do much. Glad your friend is there to cheer you up some. We have all been where you are. Keep your chin up! It gets easier.

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  • What u wrote in the last message?

    • Givibg us another shot and iff ahe just could tell me what was wrong

    • She blocked u its not a good sign

      Ur message too simple for ur situation

      I think if she didn't reply withen 3days its time to move on

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  • Don't kill yourself over a stupid girl who hurt you. GET OVER IT. She has.

  • Stay safe :/

  • 1.) It isn't because of her or her fault. Its how you react
    2.) Any change has to start with you. You may counseling on how to manage your emotions and healthy outlets.
    3.) Don't be afraid to seek professional help or talk to family.
    Good luck


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