Ladies who have dumped someone, tell me your thoughts?

I want to send my ex roses, she dumped me some months back. still have feelings for her though, I want to send anonymously with no card. I don't want her to know for surre it's me but keep her guessing is all and maybe I will be on her mind a bit.
we ended on good terms, great relationship. not really 100% sure her reasoms.


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  • Well, it sounds like you want to, so just do it.. she'll probably assume u did it but she'll never be for certain so, why not it'll make u feel better by doing it, and it'll make her think of u too, wondering if you really did it or not,... u sound like so much fun. :) hope it works out for ya.. good luck


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  • It depends on what she dumped you for. I dumped both my exes for being cheaters.
    I would not change my mind, not even for roses.

    • nothing bad, very unsettling and don't really have an answer, I wqas good to her and she admits that.

    • Hmmmm. If it wasn't any horrible thing like mine, then it may have her thinking.

  • I think it's a great idea! Go for it :)

  • Go for it. I would have loved my ex to have done that for me and it's been a bazillion months since we broke up.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say

    • ok but who dumped who? you see online research says that women don't like gifts after dumping a guy. mind you it will be secretive I will not admit it if she contacts me, I guess

    • I dumped him and he decided not to change my mind. Maybe evens on the dumping thing

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