I'm not sure what to do about my ex. Please leave some advice?

I began dating my first boyfriend my freshman year of high school. We instantly fell in love and did everything together from going on vacations to livin at each other's houses. After about a year I found out he kissed someone else so we broke up for a week but for back together. Everything was fine. He was the only person who knew how to make me smile and make me truly happy. Befoew I met him I was very insecure and depressed. Him on the other hand could get any girl that he wanted. Everyone loved him. Anyways, after we got back together everything was great again, but there was a few times I found him talking to other girls about meeting up and hanging out. We got past it. At this point I never knew If he was talking to someone else. Then he started hanging out with my friends and we became good friends with this guy. We would hangout with him and his girlfriend together all the time. Then this guy eventually broke up with his girlfriend for me and I denied that I liked him for a while because I was head over heels for my boyfriend, but this other guy treated me so good. I forgot what that felt like. Long story short I broke up with my boyfriend for the other guy and it lasted a month until I went back to my ex. I truly believe that he is my soulmate. We broke up about 6 months ago and we haven't gottwn back together. He got a new girlfriwnd fir 4 months and he cheated on her a few times with me. The last time we talked he said that he could never be with me again. He said that I'm his past and that I need to move on. I spent years with this guy and I'm so in love still. I don't know what to do. I know I should move on, but is there anyway that I can get him back? Any advice would be great!!! Thanks for listening?


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  • Dont get him back. On and off relationships are exhausting and painful. He has told you to move on because he is doing it. The best for you is to move on too. I know you are probably too much in love to follow my advice. Still, move on.


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