How do I find the strength to stay away from my ex?

He broke up with me, saying that he wasn't ready for a relationship and that I deserved more. He blocked my number and everything was silent for a week or so. Then we started to email and he is saying that he wants me back, just not now, but maybe later.

He was very abusive and neglecting and I know it's for the best that we broke up, but I love him so much and I feel myself being drawn to him again, even though I know he will just end up hurting me all over again.

How do I break contact with him and move on, when it hurts so much?


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  • I know it's cliche, but you seriously have to love yourself more bc that's the only way you'll get through it. What that guy is doing to you is so far from love, and if you accept an abusive man back it will only escalate and I gaurantee you that. Love yourself and know your worth. Know that you are better than being some assholes doormat. And hell, if you can't stay away for those reasons, think about your life and where you're headed if you stay. This guy can kill you, and that's the honest truth. You can't even grasp the type of demons in the heart of an abusive man. Meaning you have no idea what he's capable of until it's too late. Don't willingly put yourself back in that position. Walk away.


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  • I guess you just have to do what feels best.

  • Classic dumping term. You deserve more means, I deserve more!
    Please block/delete him and run away from this twat!


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