Should text my husband after we have separated?

My husband asked me to leave his house after he got angry with me. I came to my parents house. And its been a month since I left and we have no contact with each other since then. he has not communicated to me that he wants a divorce or anything but few days back he suddenly blocked me on whatsapp and unfriended me on fb. Although my family members and friends are still there in his friends list. But he just removed me without any reason. I don't understand why he did this? Also I m confused whether I should send him a friend request now or should I text him and try to talk to him?


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  • He seems like he don't want you too know he's with other women. Yeah text him try talking

    • But he has my family members, relatives and friends in his friend list so anyhow I would know if he is with another woman. We hav around 50 mutual friends.

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  • It's hard to know what's going on in his head, because you don't say why he got angry at you. Was it a minor thing or a big thing? Based on what you say, though, it sure looks like he has moved on. Don't send him friend requests on Facebook or any other social media. You should tell him that you want to talk though. You should have a conversation to see where you stand.

    • he never answers my calls or texts. We used to have fights and he got angry because of these fights.

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